We tailor our presentations for corporate personnel, management, security professionals, and to the general public. Awareness being the key, the firm presents topics covering critical issues and preventative measures necessary in today’s dynamic environment, whether in the workplace, social settings, entertainment venues, or the community at large.

Awareness training is provided by experienced, subject-matter professionals from the fields of investigation, law enforcement, physical security, cyber security, counter terrorism, psychology and academia. All presenters are former FBI Special Agents, former Military and Special Operations Personnel, Directors of Security, former Intelligence Community Officers, PhD.


Active Shooter

For all persons, corporate and civilian
Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. So what to do? The paradigm shift in response during an active shooter event – from passive to active – has been endorsed by the Department of Homeland Security, where Federal workplaces have adopted the training program “Run, Hide, Fight”. Using DHS standards and adding thought leadership, tactics and training prepares the corporate citizen for the active shooter scenario. We provide three levels of instruction, for civilian, professional security, and management.

Assessing the Threat

Corporate, for management, security directors, facility managers
An overview of security and safety enhancement measures that all businesses should be made aware. We address the physical safety of the business and employees, identify safety and security hazards (physical and human) and provide tactics to reduce risk. This presentation can be general in nature or be specific to a business in order to draft and implement a comprehensive threat assessment.

Cyber Threat and Security

For all corporate personnel
The globally-connected corporate environment poses risks of hacking, identity theft and impersonation, stolen personnel records and potential espionage that could cause untold dollars in theft, lost revenue and reduced brand value. Installing a technology expert, director or chief security officer is only a part of the battle – the most critical elements in the fight against cyber crime could be your employees. They must be briefed on what to look for and how to act.

Cyber Security for the Rest of Us

For the general public
Much is being said and done for the corporate world’s cyber worries – but what about for the rest of us? What do you need to know and what can you do to better prepare, protect and respond to the cyber threat when it comes to you, your family and your home? We lay out the hard truths of online crime and how best to implement your own cyber security plan.

Confronting Fear

For all persons
What happens to you during a crisis situation? What is your mind and body telling you? We all have natural, built-in survival mechanisms but during crisis, are you tapping into them, appropriately and timely? Understanding the dynamics of a crisis or threat will help you to better confront these events.

The Insider Threat

For all corporate personnel
Does a business face risk from its employees or contractors?  How do you evaluate the risk from insiders?  They can damage your reputation, steal your intellectual property and sell corporate secrets.  They can also compromise sources and methods. How does a company protect against the insider threat, both in material, quantifiable measures and through discreet, covert means?

Surviving Crisis

For all persons
This seminar will provide general practice guidelines to enable you to build resilience and be better prepared with awareness to survive crisis or threat. We include a personal risk assessment to help you better understand yourself and make improvements in your personal safety plan.

Recovering from Crisis

For all persons
Healing after a traumatic event is a critical step. When you go through a crisis and you are not able to complete a full, self-protective response, which is quite normal, there is energy stored within, throwing off the psychological and physiological system. The mind and body needs to rebalance itself in order to again function properly. We’ll help you understand this process to help yourself and others.


Corporate/Financial Institutions
Our financial compliance and advisory services assist financial institutions, casinos, currency exchange bureaus and remittance services in determining which products are most susceptible to being exploited for money laundering and which customers merit enhanced scrutiny.  In order to remain compliant with the US Patriot Act as well as the Bank Secrecy Act, institutions must develop comprehensive monitoring programs that include risk indicators and reliable parameters enabling them to effectively deter money laundering and to report suspect depositors or transactions to appropriate authorities.  We can assist your organization with training and risk modeling to help you stay compliant with current rules and regulations and avoid civil penalties.





Navigate security issues, crisis, and better prepare yourself by attending one of our public seminars, or schedule one for your organization.


Navigate security issues, crisis, and better prepare yourself by attending one of our public seminars, or schedule one for your organization.