Las Vegas Active Shooter Update: 10/2/2017

Las Vegas
Steve Cocco, Senior Executive Partner
Note: As with any sudden chaotic event, details and assessments are being gathered and initial comments and insights can be conflicting or incorrect. We will provide more detail as the investigation deepens, and are providing a quick summary here.
The horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas last night, in which at least 58 people have been killed, offers us a clear example of what a shooter with high power weaponry can do in a short amount of time.
The alleged shooter, identified as 64-year Stephen Paddlock of Mesquite, Nevada, was said to be in possession of some 10 “long guns”, a term often used to describe any combination of rifles, shotguns or other long-barrel weapons, excluding pistols.  He appears to have executed the actual mechanics of the operation with some deliberation.  Preliminary investigation conducted by local authorities indicates that the shooter began firing toward the crowd of 22,000 from his hotel room on the 32nd floor at the Mandalay Bay resort.  At a distance of some 1,700 feet from the location of the crowd, even a skilled shooter would likely have missed a single target.  But in this case, hitting multiple targets at random by spraying the crowd with rounds fired from a weapon of war would be deadly to throngs of people below.
We do not yet know the exact number of weapons or the quantity of ammunition he had at his disposal.  What we do know is that until such time as police arrived, he had an unobstructed view of his targets and was able to fire rounds without impediment.
We will provide more information and analysis of this shooting and its aftermath as it becomes available.