Active Shooter Awareness Training for the Public

Active Shooter Awareness Training for the Public

Event to Include Las Vegas Shooting Insight from Former FBI Agent

PHOENIX, AZ, February 5 –  Phoenix-based Training, Investigation and Security Advisory firm, SECCENTRIC is presenting an Active Shooter Awareness Training seminar, available for the first time to the public. The two-hour presentation will reveal insight about last year’s Las Vegas shooting and provide supporting discussion in understanding, reacting, and protecting oneself in an active shooter situation.

Former FBI Special Agent (ret.) John Iannarelli will provide the presentation, held at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort. Mr. Iannarelli was in Las Vegas the night of October 1, 2017 and was immediately called upon to engage as a law enforcement analyst, appearing on Fox News, CNN, NBC and other media to provide insight on this horrific event.

Those appearances and his access alongside his former FBI colleagues working the crime scene provided Iannarelli critical knowledge and insight he will share with attendees in support of his discussion of Active Shooter Awareness Training.

In addition to the Las Vegas portion of his presentation, Iannarelli provides situational scenarios for group involvement and his experienced insight from his career in the FBI. Key takeaways include being able to protect yourself and your family should you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation, knowing what to look for to raise suspicions that such an attack is being planned, and understanding how law enforcement acts and reacts to situations involving an active shooter, and how you should respond. 

“In my experience with security there has been very limited awareness training reaching out to the general pubic. Most seminars or education outreach programs have only been available to security teams or practitioners, corporate programs for employees, or for businesses or groups associated with security.  Although we provide to the corporate market as well, we are also reaching out directly to the public” stated the firm’s Managing Partner, Roy Regalado.

In 20-years with the FBI, Iannarelli served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Phoenix Division, overseeing all Criminal, Cyber, and Counter Intelligence investigations in Arizona. He is a former FBI National Spokesperson, was a member of the FBI Cyber Division executive staff, and a former FBI SWAT team member. He is a recipient of the FBI Director’s Distinguished Service Award.

The Active Shooter Awareness Training is on March 6, 2018 from 6pm-8pm. Cost is $59 by registering online via the firm’s website.

SECCENTRIC exists to support the security and protection of the community at large. Working with individuals or businesses, efforts are geared toward arming clients with knowledge and practical guidance. Operating within the broad security environment, the firm provides expert leadership related to security, awareness training, and private investigation. SECCENTRIC teams with security and protection consultants, investigators and training leaders with professional backgrounds in law enforcement, military, federal agencies and security environments.

The firm is led by Managing Partner Roy Regalado who possesses a 20-year foundation in business and 9-years within security and investigation. Senior Executive Partner Steve Cocco is a former FBI Special Agent who’s 27-year career included posts serving criminal and counterterrorism tours in Rome,  Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as locations in the U.S.

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For further insight into this program or to speak with Roy Regalado, Steve Cocco or John Iannarelli, please call 602.515.7572, email RR@SECCENTRIC.COM or visit www.SECCENTRIC.COM

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