Intelligence Applied

The essence of SECCENTRIC is collaborative intelligence. When applied, our efforts identify and solve client challenges within any security or investigative environment.



Based on a foundation in strategic security intelligence and real-world insight, we implement our professional network of subject matter experts for client-specific collaboration. We provide expert leadership related to security and risk management, awareness training for public and corporate clients, and investigation for business and individuals.


We exist to support the security and protection of the community at large. Our advisory, training, and investigative efforts are geared toward arming individuals and businesses with knowledge and practical guidance. We heighten awareness of critical security challenges, emergency preparedness, and risks that may affect personal assets, people, or business.


As a premier organization, we team with security and protection consultants, investigators and training leaders with professional backgrounds in law enforcement, military, federal agencies, academia, and security environments. Combining subject matter expertise, real-world experience and thought leadership, SECCENTRIC is recognized as a centralized authority our clients depend upon.





Roy is the Founder and Managing Partner of SECCENTRIC. He oversees practice leadership, partner alignment, outreach to Law Enforcement and Security Professionals, and thought leadership for the firm’s Think Tank. Combining a career in business, security and investigative practice, Roy is a trusted advisor to business partners in security and corporate organizations. His experience working with individuals, management and executive leadership in business, non-profit, political, and security environments provides a strong foundation for the firm’s collaborative model. Roy is the Director, Communications for the FBI’s Arizona InfraGard program and an alumni of the FBI’s Citizen Academy.




Steve is the Senior Executive Partner of SECCENTRIC. He oversees the firm’s security consultancy in threat and vulnerability matters, investigation, and conducts crisis management and business continuity seminars. During Steve’s 27-year career with the FBI, he rose to the position of Assistant Special Agent in Charge, serving tours of duty in various US locations as well as in Rome, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. After a number of high profile criminal investigations, he oversaw the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and coordinated intelligence activities for the Phoenix office of the Bureau.




DC is a former U.S. Army Ranger, having served our Country in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and stateside. Experienced in all forms of physical and tactical security deployments, DC is the firms Subject Matter Expert in personal protection and physical security operations.




As a 29-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department (Retired), RD brings a vast amount of street smarts and law enforcement experience to Seccentric. With Patrol operations, Detective, Undercover, and all levels of experience at Deputy and Sergeant ranks, his specialties include Tactics, Mindset, Interrogation, Surveillance, Counter surveillance, Criminal Investigation (robbery, burglary, auto theft, rape, assault) and employee investigations (Criminal). Additional experience in logistics, Community Oriented Policing and Firearms training.


Dr. Kim DiRé


Dr. Kim DiRé – LPC, MEd, SEP, DBH, Doctorate of Behavioral Health is a consultant and seminar presenter for Seccentric. Her background in education, psychotherapy, and in the corporate environment provides a solid foundation for her to help others, particularly in crisis. Dr. DiRe’s experience and teachings in trauma, personal disorders, relationships, and effective communication support her integrated training approach. Dr. DiRe’ presents “Confronting Fear”, “Surviving Crisis”, and “Regulating Safety in Self and Others” for Seccentric.


John Iannarelli


During his 20-year career with the FBI, John served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Division, overseeing all Criminal, Cyber, and Counter Intelligence investigations throughout Arizona. He is a former FBI National Spokesperson, was a member of the FBI Cyber Division executive staff, and a former FBI SWAT team member. He is a recipient of the FBI Director’s Distinguished Service Award, and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Computer Science in recognition of his contributions to the field of cyber investigation. John presents a multitude of seminars for SECCENTRIC, including Cyber Security, Insider Threat and Terrorism-related presentations.




Leonard Lawrence is a former United States Marine and served as a Marine Security Guard where he protected U.S. installations and diplomats in some of the most challenging regions in the world. As a former protection specialist for the Department of State, he continues to apply his experience to the development of protection programs and consultative guidance including providing protective services for corporations and to private clients. Leonard is a consultant and presenter in Protective Security Services for Seccentric.

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